Lanterns are a great way to light up your campsite, worksite or wherever you need extra lighting. We stock rechargeable lanterns, battery powered lanterns and even solar powered lanterns.

Our Pick: Fenix CL28R

Lantern Vs Flashlight

Camping Lantern:

360-Degree Illumination:One of the primary advantages of a camping lantern is its ability to provide a 360-degree illumination, lighting up a larger area around the campsite. This makes it ideal for group activities, such as cooking, playing games, or socializing in a communal space.

Ambient Lighting: Lanterns generally emit a softer, ambient light that creates a cozy atmosphere. This is beneficial for creating a comfortable environment within the campsite and is especially enjoyable during quiet evenings.

Hands-Free Operation: Many camping lanterns are designed to be hung or placed on a stable surface, allowing campers to have both hands free for other tasks. This feature is particularly useful for setting up a tent, preparing food, or engaging in various campsite activities.

Long Battery Life: Camping lanterns often come with long-lasting battery options or rechargeable batteries, making them suitable for extended camping trips without the need for frequent replacements.


Focused Beam: Flashlights provide a concentrated and directional beam of light, allowing campers to focus on specific areas or objects. This is advantageous for activities such as night hiking or searching for items within a backpack.

Portability: Flashlights are typically more compact and portable than lanterns, making them easy to carry in a pocket or attach to a belt. This portability is valuable for individual explorations or situations where carrying minimal gear is crucial.

Versatility: Flashlights come in various sizes and designs, offering versatility for different purposes. Some are designed for long-range visibility, while others may have adjustable brightness settings for a variety of tasks.

Emergency Signaling: The focused beam of a flashlight can be used for signaling in emergency situations, as it can be more visible over longer distances compared to the dispersed light of a lantern.

Ultimately, the choice between a camping lantern and a flashlight depends on the specific camping scenario, the size of the group, and individual preferences. Many campers find it useful to have both in their gear arsenal, utilizing the strengths of each tool depending on the circumstances.

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