Olight Swivel LED Work Light (Black)

The Olight Swivel LED Work Light is perfect for any work environment. With a maximum 400 lumens of brightness, the work light produces an even spread of light for any task. The swivel lantern design and magnetic base allows it to be placed on any surface, giving your workspace ultimate flexibility.


Perfect compact EDC and make your work convenient

● As A Broad Floodlight: High-performance COB emitter, 3 light modes for area illumination

● As A Flashlight: High-performance LED generates two light levels for a focused and farther beam

● Heavy-grip Magnetic Base: Three strong magnets inside the stand can firmly attach to any iron surface

● Friendly Design: Clip-style hook makes it easy to carry or hang on a backpack, tent, branch, etc.

● Reveal Itself In The Darkness: Glow-in-the-dark Strip around the panel, allows you to quickly locate the swivel in the dark

Olight Swivel LED Work Light | Black | 1000 Lumens

Olight Swivel LED Work Light | Black | 1000 Lumens


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