Tinder Quik 12-Pack

Nothing makes a quicker fire than the S.O.L. Tinder Quik Fire Starter Pack. These camp fire starters are a reliable source of fire tinder to get a nice and warm fire going whether at the campground or in an emergency. Each pack comes with 12 pieces of Tinder Quik for a total of 48 pieces. That’s enough fire starter to start multiple fires on longer adventures. The fire tabs are both waterproof and windproof, and can ignite with a single spark. They burn for up to 3 minutes, even when wet, to provide you with reliable fire tinder that can handle any environment and weather condition. The packs weigh a couple grams for an extremely lightweight camping tool that can fit in a pack or pocket without a problem. Use the tinder alone or use them as refills for S.O.L. fire starter kits like the Fire Lite Kit and Scout. Stay warm for the best survival chances with some S.O.L. Tinder-Quik Packs.

  • Fast Ignition
    Ignite Tinder Quik easily with a single spark or match to quickly build a fire and get warm.
  • Compact & Ultra-lightweight
    Travel light with Tinder Quik– a single piece is smaller than Life Savers candy and weighs only a few grams.
  • Lasting Kindling
    Build multiple campfires, as each piece burns up to 3 minutes for up to 36 minutes of fire lighting capability per pack!
  • Waterproof & Windproof
    Start a fire in the rain or wind with Tinder Quik™, which lights easily and stays lit even in fierce weather.

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