PowerTraveller - Merlin 75PD Power Bank

The Merlin 75PD is a portable, rugged power pack for charging laptops with a type C charging port, tablets, smartphones, and other 5V devices. Featuring a USB-C input/output port, plus a separate 5V USB port, the unit houses a powerful 20000mAh battery - giving users plenty of power on the move. The smart charging technology detects when devices are connected, disconnected, or fully charged. The Merlin 75PD is waterproof & dustproof to IP65 Rating.

What's Included:

1 x Merlin 75PD power pack
1 x USB-C to USB cable

What can the Merlin 75PD recharge?

Laptop - 1/2 to 1 times | Tablet - 1 to 3 times
Smartphone - 5 to 8 times | Sat Phone - 4 to 7 times
GPS - 8 to 12 times | Action Camera - 8 to 12 times
Smartwatch - 25 to 30 times | Head Torch - 10 to 12 times


 Power pack with 20000mAh/74Wh
• 1x USB-C input/output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,
15V/3A 20V/2.25A PD 45W
• 1x USB output: 5-6V/3A, 6-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
QC3.0 Total: 18W
• 4 LED battery charge indicator
• Waterproof and dustproof to IP65 rating
• Rugged design
• Weight: 540g

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